Sensorik Summer School imparts essential basics of sensor technology in a user-oriented and practical way. Participants gain in-depth insights into interdisciplinary contexts of modern sensor systems from different fields of application. In addition to interesting specialist lectures, company visits and exchange of experience are paramount.

Target group

Students, Recent Graduates and Company Representatives

Use the opportunity and ...

  • get to know decision-makers in the sector, innovative companies and modern scientific institutes around sensor technologies
  • learn about innovative trends in research and development
  • participate in hands-on workshops

These companies and institutions are involved in 2023:

Participating in our Sensorik Summer School offers numerous benefits for the members of our network:

  • Talent Acquisition: Access to a diverse pool of talented students and professionals for potential hiring opportunities.
  • Brand Visibility and Networking: Enhanced visibility among participants and industry peers, fostering valuable networking prospects.
  • Innovation Showcase: Opportunities to present cutting-edge technologies and receive valuable feedback.
  • Inspiration and Learning: Exposure to new trends and ideas from fellow participants and experts.
  • Community Engagement: Demonstrates commitment to supporting and advancing the tech community.

September 4th to September 7th 2023

Get an impression of last year's event

“It was like science fiction for me!”

“I really liked to see the huge facilities and the products. Also learning about the sensor technology.”

“Great company. [...] The way they test every equipment (EUT) with a great precision was mind blowing for me. I thank Sensorik Summer School for this great visit.”

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