Sensorik Summerschool - Day 5: Innovative trends in research and development

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Modern sensor systems,the interplay of many components and IoT as the "next big thing"

Day 5: Summerschool "contributed to the experience I already have" (Percy from Peru, Prof. Automotive Mechanics)

Johannes Summer and Andreas Hofmeister, both from the team of Sensorik-Bayern GmbH, provided tangible examples from the "life" of a research and development company as a supplement. The prototype of the project BASIL will help motor-impaired people: simple home automation operating procedures can also be mastered independently. „With our developments we do not only aim at helping the patients, but also the persons who take care of them.“ Other fields of application include the automotive industry and driver assistance systems, where the BASIL prototype can be used for research into the detection of sleepiness. The sensor beacons from the project PCB 4.0 make manufacturing processes intelligent. They enable efficient energy regulation by installing sleep mode which is activated when there are no (measurable) influences on the sensor. They also can monitor transports, storage conditions, plants and much more. Existing plants can be equipped with them without the need for a lot of cabling.


"It was interesting to experience the integration of additive manufacturing within industrial companies and to learn about current state-of-the-art. The visit to Infineon – my personal favorite – gave an insight into chip manufacturing on a large scale and the process engineering involved. The lectures about software engineering and data handling emphasized the drive for industry 4.0 and the IoT and summarized well all the important facts about these trends." (Oliver, University of Cambridge)

Time flew by: with the last lecture of our Summerschool there was another trip on the agenda, this time into the future. Of course the topic Internet of Things should not be missing here! "It´s an interplay of many components and IoT is one of the next big things." Our expert Prof. Dr. Rene Peinl (iisys Hof) let the participants know what his institute is currently developing in the areas of hardware and software.In addition to lots of technological aspects like simultaneous location and mapping, car2car communication and energy, he also mentioned: "Sometimes the difficulty is to build a team out of a group of people with specialties of different fields working individually."

A week of "pure technology" is coming to an end! Those who are so inquisitive and interested have earned their laurels. Each participant received a certificate. The impressions gained will probably not only be remembered for a long time, but will also be encountered again by the participants on their further career path in sensor technology.

"Getting to know the new technologies which exist in Germany and visiting industrial companies with the latest state of the art equipment contributed to the experience I already have." (Percy from Peru, Professor Automotive Mechanics)