Sensorik Summerschool - Day 3: Future Cities

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Superior sensor technologies, smart meter communication, e-mobility and optical sensorics

Day 3: Today we learnt how we will live tomorrow

Day 3 of our Summerschool started with facts and figures about the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (located in Regensburg), the well-known world market leader in the field of transfomer switching. Dr. Andreas Kurz (Director Technology at MESSKO, Head of competence center measuring & diagnostics) also explained advantages of resistive and capacitive sensors: "Robust, low cost, high availability, detection of various gases...." No wonder these sensors have been in use for 50 years.

Dr. Stefan Krämer (IVU Softwareentwicklungs GmbH) gave an overview of the current state of technology in the field of smart metering. After this lecture our guests also are well informed about electrical grids with smart meters, applicancies, renewable energy and efficient resources as well as about the smart market as area outside of the grid from which energy volumes or services derive.

“I am working with optics so I am interested and was looking forward to the lecture of OSRAM to get some news.“ – Lisa (University of Cambridge)

"The world is turning faster and faster" - in all areas. Achim Przymusinski and Theresa Keller from AVL Software and Functions GmbH presented solutions for almost all modes of transportation, cars, 2-wheelers, racing, construction, agriculture, locomotive, marine, power plants and and and. They not only mentioned five different aspects how to handle today’s and future challenges, but they also showed AVLs activities in the field of combustion engine, advanced driving assistance systems / autonomous drive, processes & tools like model based  software development, global networking and not to forget: keep an eye on human resources.

Last but not least: Dr. Ralph Wirth (OSRAM GmbH) presented the state of the art in presence sensing. Beside infrared grid array sensors his lecture was about visible imaging and explained the gas sensor concept development and IR absorption transducer technology.