Sensorik Summerschool - Day 2: Smart engineering and production

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In-depth insights: frontend- and backend-sense production, digital manufacturing and digital driven manufacturing

Day 2: Infineon Technologies Regensburg and BAM GmbH

In the earlier hours of day 2 it was clearly noticeable: The participants were very excited and curious to visit a global player like Infineon Technologies. After all, the plant Regensburg is the only plant of Infineon in which there is both a frontend and backend production to see. Ludwig Heitzer (Innovation manager) welcomed the guests. His colleague Wolfgang Zirngibl (process engineer), gave an overview in semiconductor manufacturing flow. Within the scope of a guided tour by Nicklas Johann and Christian Deinhart the students had the opportunity to have a look at the automation equipment technology area. 

“I was interested in getting some information about a global company like Infineon and the manufacturing in a high technology company – maybe there will be some opportunity to work together one day.“  (Xingchen, electrical engineering, China)

Dr. Christian Heining welcomed the guests with an overview of BAM GmbH and he also underlined: digitalisation - also of the everyday office - is one of the most important points on the future agenda. In the course of their walk through BAM's production halls the participants saw an impressive range of machinery. Also on day 2 the participants were confronted with the topic "3D printing" and once again they were very interested, of course after all "the  coolest part of working with a 3D printer is the possibility to combine different materials and to produce nearly everything you have in mind.“

„Great to get the chance to get some more technical background - even if I come from a different branch. Huge willingness to answer open questions.“ (Manushape)

Our résumé: a very interesting and instructive day on  two production areas of a global company and a regional company. Many questions of the participants were answered by the referents and tour guides, so everyone could go home confident and filled up with new knowledge.