Sensor Technology – Driving Force for Future Technologies

Megatrends such as machine learning and the (industrial) Internet of Things would not be feasible without sensors, the "sensory organs" of technology.
As a pioneer and supporting pillar of digitization, sensor technology provides impetus for all future technologies. The mission of the sensor technology network is to secure and expand Bavaria's technology and market leadership worldwide.


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Who We Are

Since 2006, we, as a regional network, have been bundling Bavaria's existing sensor technology expertise in order to sustainably strengthen the innovative power and sustainability of Bavarian companies and institutions. We support members and partners from industry and science in operational and strategic areas. Trust, reliability and objectivity are the basis for long-term cooperation within the network. (More about our members and partners.)

In our role as future scout, we take up megatrends and developments in the industry and offer numerous exchange opportunities for business, science and politics. As the supporting association of the Bavarian Sensor Technology Cluster, we are able to offer comprehensive services through funding and contributions from our network members.

The Sensor Technology Industry

Sensors are the sensory organs of modern industry. With its diverse fields of application, sensor technology is the technological backbone of the high-tech world and key technology in industry 4.0, the world of intelligent products and networked production. The turnover of this SME-influenced industry has increased by approximately 70 % in the past ten years. German manufacturers of sensor technology dominate the world market, and Bavaria plays the leading role in a comparison of the German states. Bavaria's profile as a leading location for sensor technology is rounded off by its pronounced sensor technology expertise at universities and research institutions as well as specialised trade fairs.

You can also find out more about our industry in our Sensorik-News.


Our History

In the course of the realignment of Bavarian economic policy, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs declared sensor technology one of the technology focal points of the Cluster-Initiative just over ten years ago. Regensburg was already an important hub of the sensor technology world in 2006, which is why the office of the sensor technology network was located here.Shortly after its foundation, it was admitted to the "Kompetenznetze Deutschland". The decisive factors were the clearly defined thematic focus on sensor technology, joint innovation projects of the network members, the sustainable financing strategy and the steady growth in membership since its foundation. As part of the second funding phase of the cluster initiative (from 2012), the cluster management was also commissioned to continuously expand the services for the sensor technology network.

SPS has been one of TechBase's tenants since June 2016. Regensburg's new Innovation Center is located on the "TechCampus" technology area in the immediate vicinity of the University and the Regensburg OTH. Several members of the SPS and other technology clusters also have their offices there. Nothing stands in the way of intensive cross-technology networking. More details about our history can be found in our brochure.

Clusters as a Success Story

Clusters are proving to be a worldwide success story. The competitiveness of companies in a global economic order clearly depends on local factors: spatial proximity, personal exchange and informal meetings. Companies in clusters are more innovative and productive because they have access to a dense network of specialised suppliers, relevant research institutions and specialists in close proximity.

Awards and Memberships

[Translate to English:] Portrait Toni Lautenschläger

Toni Lautenschläger
Office for Economics and Science

With the Sensor Technology Cluster the city wanted to achieve two goals: To strengthen development competence at the location in a future technology and to promote the idea of diversification across industries. Both have been accomplished and today Regensburg is considered the stronghold of sensor technology – in business and science.

The Sensor Technology Cluster has passed the evaluation by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs with great success and has fulfilled all criteria with top marks:

  • Own contribution and perspectives provided so far
  • Acquisition of EU and federal funds
  • Contribution to network building
  • Thematic profiling
  • Cooperation and lighthouse projects
  • International network

Press and Media Center

Contact Persons

[Translate to English:] Portrait Stefanie Fuchs

Stefanie Fuchs
T +49 (0)941 63 09 16 - 0


[Translate to English:] Portrait Matthias Streller

Matthias Streller
T +49 (0)941 63 09 16 - 0


[Translate to English:] Portrait Hubert Steigerwald

Dr. Hubert Steigerwald
T +49 (0)941 63 09 16 - 0


Cluster Speakers

[Translate to English:] Portrait Prof. Dr. Christoph Kutter

Prof. Dr. Christoph Kutter
Cluster Speaker
T +49 (89) 54759 – 538


[Translate to English:] Portrait Prof. Dr. Reinhard Höpfl

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Höpfl
Deggendorf Institute of Technology
T +49 (0991) 3615 – 200


Board of Directors

[Translate to English:] Portrait Prof. Dr. Martin Sellen

Prof. Dr. Martin Sellen
Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik
GmbH & Co. KG
T +49 (0)8542 16 81 75


[Translate to English:] Portrait Albert Auburger

Albert Auburger
Infineon Technologies AG
T +49 (0)941 20 22 08 4


[Translate to English:] Portrait Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baier

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baier
Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg
T +49 (0)941 943 – 1000


[Translate to English:] Portrait Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich

Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich
Sturm Maschinen- & Anlagenbau GmbH
T +49 (0)89 54020891 – 260


[Translate to English:] Portrait Philippe Grass

Philippe Grass
Vitesco Technologies GmbH
T +49 (0)941 79 07 56 5


[Translate to English:] Portrait Toni Lautenschläger

Toni Lautenschläger
City of Regensburg – Office
for Economics and Science
T +49 (0)941 50 71 85 0